North to the Future, Ron Baron

New York based artist Ron Baron considers his art “a form of cultural archaeology. “ Inspired by artifacts produced by American culture he creates sculptures that “reflect our society and its individuals”. Each artwork is a collection of second-hand objects - “a testimony to the individuals who acquired and used them”.

In the spring of 2010 Baron was commissioned by the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and made his first visit to Alaska to experience the culture and landscape. During his three-week visit he explored a combination of urban Anchorage and Cook Inlet Region and culled an array of objects that were shipped back to his Brooklyn New York studio. Inspired by the experience he created “North to the Future”, a group of 6 sculptures for the Arrivals/Departure Area in Terminal B. His intention with this work is to portray the Alaskan traveler from tourist to resident with an amalgamation of artifacts. Nestled and emerging from the objects are magical dioramic landscapes with Alaskan wildlife. Baron states “each of the bronze sculptures is composed of items and landscapes that are symbols and metaphors representing the spirit of Alaska.”

Location: South Terminal, Near B Gates

Getting There

Ted Stevens Anchorage Int'l Airport
South Terminal, Near B Gates
Anchorage, AK 99502
Driving Directions