Moraine Public Use Cabin

Set at the mouth of gorgeous Shoup Bay in Shoup Bay State Marine Park, McAllister Cabin is the easiest of the three cabins in the state park to reach. (Because the others are in Shoup Bay, reaching them requires timing your trip to match up with the tides).

Just getting here is an adventure; you can take a water taxi (available in the Valdez Boat Harbor) or rent a kayak to paddle out here yourself. Then take in the fresh air and the solitude! Paddle into Shoup Bay for views of the glacier.

Each cabin has two sets of full-size bunk beds and can sleep 8 people. There’s a table, benches, and counter space for food preparation, as well as an oil stove heated with kerosene, which you’ll have to bring. (The average group uses 1–2 gallons per day.) You can bring your own water or get fresh water from McAllister Creek (boil or filter it first). There’s an outhouse behind the cabin.


Getting There

Latitude: 61.1332556
Longitude: -146.6030217
Driving Directions