Mill Bay Beach Park



One of the easiest beaches to access from town, this park has a nice overlook and excellent waterfront with picnic sites. In late July through September, you can fish from the beach for silver and pink salmon. Wander down the beach to a small creek (on the left side) that is filled with salmon in late summer. Surfers ride storm waves here, and some locals even scuba dive in the cove (during calm spells). On warm summer days, the local kids hit this beach, showing their Alaskan grit by swimming in the cool waters.

Birding is good year round, but it's especially great during the winter when Harelequin Ducks, loons, eagles, Red-necked and Horned Grebes, Pigeon Guillemots, gulls, Common Murres, Steller's Eider, Long-tailed Ducks and many other birds take advantage of the sheltered waters here.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.821769
Longitude: -152.355229
Driving Directions