McCarthy Creek Trail



Looking for a mellow 3- to 4-hour walk and a nice spot to relax with a book or a journal? Check out McCarthy Creek. To get here, just walk straight through McCarthy's Main Street, past Ma Johnson's Hotel (on the left), down the hill, and past the Wrangell Mountain Center. Don't underestimate the swiftness of the current, or the frigidness of the water, and remember that what are called creeks in Alaska may be named rivers elsewhere. Test the water temperature in little eddy pools, or dip a toe from a nice seat on a rock in the sun. If you'd like to explore upriver, cross the footbridge and walk 250 feet up the hill, then take a sharp left—the road turns to the right and continues climbing up from the creek. This trail will lead you alongside the creek for several miles of pretty views and solitude. Just be sure to make noise, as this is bear country.

Getting There

Latitude: 61.43178556
Longitude: -142.9248226
Driving Directions