Manley Hot Springs

This hamlet on the Tanana River at the end of the Elliott Highway once boomed with more than 1,000 residents during its early 20th Century gold rush. One of the early prospectors discovered hot springs, and by 1907, the community boasted a four-story resort with 45 guest rooms, steam heat, a bowling alley and an Olympic-sized indoor pool of heated water. Visitors traveled the river in steamers during summer, and took a stagecoach in winter. A fire took the resort in 1913, and the gold rush dwindled by the early 1920s. Still, the springs still burble from the earth and can be visited inside a private greenhouse—where for $5 you can soak amid the splendor of grapes, Asian pears and flowers.

The hot springs provides heat to a private greenhouse, supporting tropical plants and lush greenery. Three concrete tubs offer a chance to soak in the soothing mineral water. To make arrangements for a visit, contact the Hot Springs Bathhouse at (907) 672-3231.

Getting There

Latitude: 65.00416
Longitude: -150.632

Manley Hot Springs is about 160 miles northwest of Fairbanks at the end of the Elliott Highway. From town, take the Steese Highway 11 miles north to the intersection with the Elliott at the community of Fox.

Driving Directions