Look for Humpback & Orca Whales Off Barwell Island

Once we leave Barwell Island the boat is as far out into the ocean as it gets. This is a good place to look for whales. Humpback and Orca whales (killer whales) are the most likely to be spotted. Humpbacks are found by the ten foot tall cloud of mist that is formed when they exhale clearing their blowhole. The obvious feature of the orca whale is its black dorsal fin penetrating the surface. Male orca whales have a six foot high fin. Whale sightings are not restricted to this area however and can occur at any point in the trip.

If the seas are rough the outer cape and Barwell Island will be missed to avoid making passengers seasick, the boat would instead cut across from the Cape in between either Rugged and Hive Islands or Hive and Fox islands.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.85102
Longitude: -149.293
Driving Directions