Look For Dall's Porpoise

Another marine mammal you may encounter during this part of the trip is the Dall's porpoise. This animal is spotted when a repeating splash pattern is seen on the surface of the water. The splash is called a "rooster tail" and is created by the dorsal fin of the animal cutting through the water at high speeds. The Dall porpoise can swim at least 35 mph and easily pass this boat. However, often times the porpoise will travel with the boat for a long time riding just underneath the bow on the pressure wave produced by the boats movement through the water.

The best viewing of this animal will be on the second deck bow looking down into the water. The porpoise seem to play a game. Each animal will try to come between the boat and the animal closest to the boat. The animals are colored dark grey and white and often people think they are small killer whales. They are in the same family as the killer whales and dolphins.

(Photo: Kenai Fjords Tours)

Getting There

Latitude: 59.77126
Longitude: -149.692
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