Logging Roads of Kupreanof Island

More than 120 miles of logging roads wind through Kupreanof Island, offering access to trailheads and other remote parts of the island. You can rent a car to drive on the main roads, and then explore others by bike or by foot. Many of the smaller roads have not been maintained, and so caution is warranted.

Tips for safe travel:

  • Take a buddy, make sure you have a map and tell someone where you’re going.
  • Gas up at the fuel station before you go.
  • Stay off the little-used roads or steep roads, to avoid getting stuck in the mud, especially when there’s been a lot of rain. Landslides are also possible in steeper areas.
  • Be aware of wildlife, including bear and wolves.
  • If you want to explore beautiful areas enjoyed by local residents, try these popular routes.

Getting There

Latitude: 56.94271
Longitude: -133.887759
Driving Directions