Rustic Cabin, approximately 12' x 14'.


The cabin is equipped with bunks, a table and wood heating stove. Visitors should bring a cookstove and lantern. There is a woodshed and outhouse nearby; firewood is provided but must be split. Water is available from the lake, but visitors are advised to purify the water before use.


Northern end of Afognak Island.


Laura Lake is located on the northern end of Afognak Island roughly 2 1/2 miles from the head of Pauls Bay. The cabin can be reached in 35 minutes by floatplane from the city of Kodiak.


Access is via floatplane only, since there are no developed trails from Pauls Bay to the cabin. (Densely forested Sitka spruce and rugged terrain make any cross-country travel in this area challenging. It is important to note that the lake may freeze as early as November 1, making it inaccessible by floatplane during the winter months,


Flat to very hilly

Special Features

Activities include hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing. There are no developed trails from Pauls Bay to the cabin or around it. So it is suggested that you bring an inflatable kayak to get around the area. Also be aware of bears as you explore the area. They can be encountered during any season, so please take the proper bear precautions such as safe storage of food and making noise when in the densely forested areas.

Laura Lake is part of the Pauls and Laura Lakes salmon spawning system. Red salmon enter Pauls Lake in mid-June and silvers enter during August. These fish must journey two miles through Pauls Lake and up a cascading creek before entering Laura Lake.

Managing Agency

Alaska State Parks - Kodiak District Office

What To Bring

Portable Cookstove, lantern, and fuel. Full body raingear, matches in waterproof container, first aid kit, compass and tide book (use Seldovia tables) sleeping bag, towel, gloves, hat, waterproof boots, extra food & clothing.




Woodburning for heat

More Info

Weather at Afognak Island is generally cool and moist. Average annual precipitation is about 75 inches and summertime temperatures range from the low 40's to the low 60's. Poor weather can delay flights to and from the park so all visitors are encouraged to pack extra food and supplies in case they get weathered in.

Getting There

Latitude: 58.359204
Longitude: -152.310861
Driving Directions

Laura Lake Cabin