Lamplugh Glacier: Then & Now

A pair of southwest-looking photographs, both taken from the same location adjacent to Lamplugh Glacier, show the changes which have occurred at the lower end of Lamplugh’s inlet during the 62 years between August 1941 and September 8, 2003. The 1941 photograph by William O. Field shows the calving terminus of Lamplugh Glacier extending to within (0.8 kilometers) 0.5 miles of the photo point (Field photograph # 430-41). No vegetation is visible. The 2003 photograph shows that the terminus of Lamplugh Glacier is more than 0.5 kilometers (0.3 miles) forward of its 1941 position. Additionally, glacial sediment on the bedrock ridge in the foreground indicates that Lamplugh Glacier had advanced beyond the photo point at some time during the interval between photographs, probably in the late -1960s. Note the isolated vegetation. (USGS Photograph by Bruce F. Molnia).

Getting There

Latitude: 58.83222
Longitude: -136.895
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