Kougarok Rd - Ponds and Pingos

Several small lakes and ponds sprinkle the landscape on either side of the road. Look for a small hillock just beyond the first lake. This lone pingo rises above the surrounding flat tundra meadow and serves as a convenient lookout for hunters such as foxes, wolves, hawks, owls, and jaegers. The soil on the tops of pingos
is fertilized by predator feces and prey remains and generally supports lush and diverse vegetation. Arctic ground squirrel and fox sometimes dig dens in these mounds. With climate change, the expanse of permafrost is shrinking and with it, the number of pingos.


Surf scoter nest at the ponds although the males return to the coast later in the season. Long-tailed duck and red-throated loon frequent the ponds while whimbrel may be seen in adjacent meadows.

Getting There

Latitude: 65.23028
Longitude: -164.825
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