Kittiwake Public Use Cabin

Public use cabins are amazing places to get away from it all in a rustic setting surrounded by Alaskan nature, and Kittiwake Cabin is no different. Plus, this remote location has the added bonus of being wheelchair accessible.

Getting here is an adventure, as it’s only reachable by boat. Take a water taxi (available in the Valdez Boat Harbor) or rent a kayak and paddle yourself out here. Just be aware that you’ll have to time your trip to align with the tides; when the water is rushing out, it’s almost impossible to paddle a kayak against the current (a water taxi can do it with a shallow enough draft).

An overland trail starts on the east side of the connecting creek, leading to the lagoon. This compacted gravel trail from the beach to Kittiwake Cabin is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair (assistance from the boat to the cabin may be necessary). Kittiwake Cabin is fully wheelchair accessible upon reaching the boardwalk.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find two sets of full-size bunk beds, with capacity to sleep eight people; the two lower bunks are accessible. You’ll also have a table, benches, and counter space for food preparation, as well as an oil stove heated with kerosene, which is BYO. (The average group uses 1-2 gallons per day.) You’ll also want to bring your own water, as the nearby freshwater sources may not be accessible to all users.


Getting There

Latitude: 61.1481347
Longitude: -146.6037329
Driving Directions