Ketchikan is a very quaint community that exudes a Scandinavian feel. The mountains were carved by glaciers, and the community built up around maritime access to mining, fishing, and logging. It’s an historic community on stilts with lots of photo opportunities.

Get a shot of your kids fishing off the dock, or standing near the bronze statue of Ketchikan’s heroes of the past. Find a new angle on history at more than a dozen locations that are listed on the national historic registry. Hang out by the salmon streams as eagles, seals and bears congregate and you can get a variety of wildlife shots. Or head down to the harbor to watch Ketchikan’s dynamic fishing industry. Here you’ll find real people who make a living on the ocean coming off their boats – more often than not covered in fish slime.

Life-long Ketchikan residents Hall Anderson and Chip Porter have each spent decades looking for the best photos in Ketchikan. Anderson has worked at the Ketchikan News for nearly 30 years, walking around town with a big camera, taking a photo a day. Through their work, you’ll get a rich sense the flora, fauna, people and industries of this area. Look through their collections and get inspired to take your own shots in and around the city.

Getting There

Latitude: 55.341447
Longitude: -131.647349
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