Keen Eye Trail Near Headquarters


3 miles



The Keen-Eye Nature Trail is .75 miles long through a wooded area with a side trail leading down to Headquarters Lake. The Centennial Trail provide an additional 1.9 mile loop through a wooded area with further opportunity to view wildlife in the area. There are three basic options on these refuge trails. First and easiest is the 0.3 mile (one way), "accessible with assistance," Keen-Eye Nature Trail, a trail and boardwalk leading to a viewing deck on the shoreine of Headquarters Lake. Second, you can hike the 0.8 mile Keen-Eye loop, and third, there's the 2 mile Centennial Trail Loop. If you hike all the trails, you'll end up with about 3 miles afoot on your outing. Be sure to stop at the refuge visitor center before or after your hike.

Getting There

Latitude: 60.46476
Longitude: -151.074
Driving Directions