Kayaking Shuyak Island State Park

Shuyak Island offers sea kayaking for both the novice and the experienced kayaker. The inner bays (Neketa Bay, Big Bay, Western Inlet, Carry Inlet, and Shangin Bay) are well protected from weather and generally remain calm enough for novice kayakers. The outer coast is exposed, and large swells, rough seas, high winds, and heavy surf are common there. Only skilled kayakers should paddle the outside waters. Under all circumstances, be alert to changing weather; the condition of the seas and the wind can deteriorate rapidly. In general, westerly winds cause the outside waters to be rough and southeasterly winds bring calmer seas.

When following these day trips, use both the narrative descriptions and trace your route on a good map. We also recommend carrying a topographic map in a waterproof contaner. Read tides off the Seldovia Tide Table and adjust according to the Shuyak Island correction factors.

There are a number of hiking trails and four public use cabins on Shuyak Island that can be rented for up to one week at a time. Be sure to check availability and make reservations for the cabins prior to your trip.

Getting There

Latitude: 58.568969
Longitude: -152.571487
Driving Directions