Kayaking in Pelican

The wild and majestic waters near Pelican are a kayaker’s dream, with hidden coves, places to pull up and camp, White Sulphur Springs, and both protected and ocean waters. Lisianski Inlet, Lisianski Straits and Stag Bay offer 40 miles of protected inside waters, and the outside coastline of Chichagof and Yakobi islands boast hundreds of miles of coastline where you can explore bays and estuaries.

This independent adventure requires kayaking and survival skills, bear awareness and careful planning to ensure that you’re geared up well for the trip. However, the pay-offs are phenomenal as you make your way through utter wilderness, viewing wildlife, rugged coastline, and finding beach campsites or staying in U.S. Forest Service cabins. Our advice: try Greentop on Yakobi or the newly-restored (dare we say “posh”?) cabin at White Sulphur Springs, where a hot soak will soothe your paddle-weary arms.

If you’re not up for a trip of this magnitude, you can do day kayaking closer to town.

Equipment: Find kayak rentals in Pelican (try the lodges) or bring one with you on the ferry that docks in Pelican once a month. (This also requires some pre-planning for getting your own kayak back home with you).

Getting There

Latitude: 57.958744
Longitude: -136.229647