Kachemak Bay Water Trail

The 125-mile water trail is intended to inspire exploration, understanding and stewardship of the natural treasure that is Kachemak Bay. People will take their own boats, kayaks, skiffs, or canoes on a mapped route which highlights the stops and the views along the way. On the website, you will find suggested itineraries.

The route goes east along the north coast of the Kachemak Bay to the Fox River Flats at the head of the bay, then crosses to explore numerous sites including Bear Cove, Chugachik Island,Halibut Cove, Gull Island, Peterson Bay, China Poot Bay, the Yukon Island group, Sadie Cove, Tutka Bay and more coves and campsites before terminating in Seldovia. A good portion of the trail also goes through Kachemak Bay State Park, and many of the campsites references on the water trail map are located within the State Park.

If you're new to the area, the best option is to connect with a local kayaking guide company for a guided trip. Kachemak Bay can become dangerous in poor weather, or if you aren't paying attention to the tides. A guided excursion ensures a safe, and fun trip along the water trail. For more safety tips and weather information, check out the "Plan Your Trip" section of the Kachemak Bay Water Trail website.

The organizers, under the direction of Dave Brann, continue to inventory resources along the trail including launch sites, landings, hiking trails, camp sites and other special features. One of the many interesting sites boaters encounter is Gull Island with a myriad of sea bird species that nest there including the cute and amusing puffins.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.608629
Longitude: -151.435527
Driving Directions

Kachemak Bay Water Trail