Jumbo Mine Trail



Jumbo Mine is located 3,000 feet above Kennecott—get there via a gorgeous and strenuous hike that will leave most people very happy, and very tired. The mine building ruins pale in comparison to the dramatic mountain scenery that surrounds you. The buildings were initially built on a rock glacier, in which loose rock accumulates and is lubricated by frozen water, then moved by gravity. Needless to say, after 80 years, not many buildings are still standing. If you take this hike, come prepared with extra clothes and good boots (there are tons of rocks), as well as plenty of food and water. Count on at least 8–10 hours for this hike.

To reach Jumbo, begin by following the Root Glacier TrailRoot Glacier Trail out of Kennecott, then turning right at the well-marked NPS sign that points the way to both the Bonanza and Jumbo mines. You'll see this sign 10 minutes after leaving from behind the buildings of Kennecott. After following this mining road towards Bonanza/Jumbo for an hour or so of climbing, take a left off the mining road and onto a smaller road that leads to Jumbo. There's a NPS sign indicating the start of this Jumbo-specific trail.

Getting There

Latitude: 61.52236754
Longitude: -142.8528214
Driving Directions