James Stevens

Tell us about your boat.

The Southern Seas is a 66-ft. longliner that fishes for halibut and black cod from Yakutat, Alaska, to the Aleutian Islands. I also own the F/V Jeanoah, an 82-footer that fishes for cod with pots in the Gulf of Alaska and also longlines for halibut and black cod from southeast Alaska to the Aleutian Islands. She was built in 1971 and is the most fuel-efficient boat of her size.

What's the best day you ever had fishing?

82,000 pounds of halibut in 22 hours.

Why did you start fishing?

It's a very competitive business and that always interested me. It seemed very challenging and rewarding.

Are your children interested in fishing?

The kids come out on day trips, but haven't quite got their sea legs yet. I'm looking forward to my boys coming fishing with me and developing a good work ethic.

Favorite way to eat Alaska seafood?

I love cod, panko deep-fried.

How important is sustainable fisheries management to you and why?

It's an integral part of making a living as a commercial fisherman. It's very important to me to respect the environment and the fisheries I'm involved in.

What would your advice be to someone who wanted to fish for a living?

Take advantage of every opportunity you can and make it work.

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