InMotion Entertainment

Everything you need electronically for your trip to Alaska—as well as plenty of diversions to while away the flight. Located in the C Concourse, InMotion Entertainment is the largest airport-based electronics and entertainment retailer in the nation, offering tablets, netbooks, digital cameras, pocket camcorders, DVD players, noise-canceling headphones and accessories. InMotion Entertainment also offers a wide selection of movies, music and video games, and is the first to offer movies and music downloading kiosks nationally. They also offer a subscription service for unlimited movie rentals.

InMotion has a friendly and knowledgeable staff, who can assist you in choosing the best products for you through live demonstrations.

InMotion is also a great resource is you realize you left some essential electronic accessory at home: They offer phone chargers, headphones, adaptors and more—even noise-canceling headphones to make a quiet ride home.


Open daily from 6am to 12am.


To the left of gate C1.

Getting There

Ted Stevens Anch. Int'l Airport
Anchorage, AK 99502
Driving Directions