Indian River

The Indian River is a beautiful, clear stream that’s home to spawning salmon each summer. On the lower reaches of the river, by the intertidal zone and lower floodplain, pink and chum salmon spawn from mid-July through September.

Farther up the river, you’ll find coho and chinook salmon, Dolly Varden, char, and steelhead trout. The best fish-watching viewpoint is the arched bridge.

The Sitka National Historical Park is also developing a “River View” trail, which will travel away from the coast and up the Indian River, and will offer views of the clear water stream, where you might be able to look down on salmon.

To access the river, park at the Sitka National Historical Park Visitor Center where you will find a small network of trails.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.04528
Longitude: -135.311
Driving Directions