Homer Eagle's Nest

At Homer’s main traffic light, at Lake Street and the Sterling Highway, be sure to stop on the south side of the road and look up—way up. You’ll likely get a glimpse of a big, messy eagle’s nest at the top of a dead spruce there, where in late summer you might even see fluffy, rumpled baby eagles peeping over the top. Look one tree over, too, to see if you can spot one of the parents standing guard.

If you don’t see the nest on the day you’re here, don’t worry—Homer is a good eagle-watching town. Look for them on Bishop's Beach, on both sides of the Spit, and on the town’s hillside.

Eagles start building their nests during spring and keep adding to them well into the fall. And keep your distance: It’s a federal crime to tamper with an eagle’s nest.


Spring through fall.



What to Bring

Bring your camera and binoculars.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.64218
Longitude: -151.525
Driving Directions