Heney Ridge Trail


8 miles



This 4.1-mile trail offers great views, though it does require some effort to get to the top. It starts out following the Hartney Bay stream on a gravel walkway; you’ll soon come to a beautiful bridge over a creek that in mid-July and August is full of spawning chum salmon. Turn around here if you don’t feel up to the more challenging part of the climb.

Continue on to hike through beautiful forest and muskeg meadows; be sure to look back over your shoulder for terrific views of Hartney Bay and Prince William Sound. The last mile gets pretty steep, but the payoff is in the views of Cordova, Nelson Bay, the Sound, and some of the main islands.

Getting There

Latitude: 60.5025286
Longitude: -145.8624658
Driving Directions


Heney Ridge Trail