Harvard Glacier

Watch this video for a view of Harvard Glacier that is only possible from the air. To get an idea of the power glaciers have to shape the landscape look at the photos to see comparison shots taken nearly 100 years apart.

The photos were taken from near the head of Harvard Arm, College Fiord, Prince William Sound, Chugach National Forest, Alaska. The pair documents significant changes that have occurred during the 91 years between July 1, 1909 and September 3, 2000. The 1909 photograph by USGS Geologist U.S. Grant shows Harvard Glacier at the head of the fiord with Radcliffe Glacier, one of its largest tributaries, flowing into it at the right of center. Baltimore Glacier, a retreating hanging glacier is at the left side of the photo. Vegetation is not apparent. If any is present, it is on the hill slopes above the fiord (USGS Photo Library Photograph–Grant 208). The 2000 photograph documents the continuing advance of Harvard Glacier, which has completely obscured the view of Radcliff Glacier. Baltimore Glacier has continued to retreat and thin. Alder has become established on the hill slopes, but is difficult to see from the photo location. Harvard Glacier has advanced more than 1.25 kilometers (0.78 miles) since 1909. (USGS Photograph by Bruce F. Molnia).

Getting There

Latitude: 61.38889
Longitude: -147.436
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