The Harlequin Lake shelter is available on a first come first serve basis. This shelter is great for berry picking and moose hunting. There is no stove in it and so if you need heat you will have to come up with alternatives. It is along the Dangerous River and Harlequin Lake and has gorgeous views of icebergs that come off the Yakutat Glacier.


A-frame cabin (14ft x 80ft) that used to be split into two rentals, but has since been combined to form one large cabin. No windows, only translucent roof/wall panels.


8 single wooden bunks, Table, 4 chairs, Fuel oil heater, Log book, Upper level loft, Broom and dustpan, 12ft x 12ft meat shed, Outhouse, Windsock (15 MPH), 1800ft x 50ft airstrip




Yakutat Forelands


30 miles (50 km) southeast of Yakutat on east side of Dangerous River, about 1/4 mile (400 m) south of Forest Highway 10 Dangerous River Bridge.


Maintained trail from east side of bridge. Parking available at terminus of road. 1800ft x 50ft airstrip at cabin.


Relatively flat; vegetation primarily cottonwood, alder and willow.

Special Features

Harlequin Lake, accessible by 1-mile (1.6 km) maintained trail, has spectacular floating icebergs and views of Yakutat Glacier at the north end of the lake (8 miles or 13 km away). Brabazon mountain range about 2 miles (3.2 km) east with elevations over 3000ft (915 m). Dangerous River is large glacial river near cabin. Good moose hunting. Brown and black bear common; sandhill cranes land in vicinity during spring and fall migrations. Excellent wild strawberry patches.

Season Of Use


Managing Agency

Tongass National Forest




Oil (#1 stove oil)

More Info

3.5-mile trail from southwest end of airstrip to Middle Dangerous Cabin.

USGS Topo Map

Yakutat B-3

Rental Fee

None. Availability is first come first serve.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.41666667
Longitude: -139.0138889
Driving Directions

Harlequin Lake Shelter