Hamilton Creek Trail

The trail along Hamilton Creek is busiest around 5 in the morning, as savvy anglers know that’s when the fish are biting! The trail is about 2 miles round-trip, but you can follow the creek for miles, fishing and picnicking along the way. (With 124 stream miles, Hamilton Creek represents the largest watershed on Kupreanof Island.)

The trail follows the banks of the creek, beginning with tidal flats west of Hamilton Bay and then meanders upstream through grassland, gravel in some areas, and boardwalk over muddy sections. There are also areas where you might choose to just walk along the creek bed itself.

Tips for exploring Hamilton Creek Trail:

  • Wear boots and waders, or shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting wet, especially if you plan to fish. Best access to some fishing holes will require you to walk in a few steps.
  • Go in morning or evening for best fishing.
  • You will be sharing the experience with bears, so secure your snacks, and any fish you catch. Bears know how to open coolers full of fish! Be loud and make your presence known.
  • It’s easiest to get your fishing license before you arrive (you can now get one online).
  • Need gear? The Kake SOS TrueValue store on Keku Road offers some fishing equipment, including hooks, spinners, and poles.

Getting There

Latitude: 56.920092
Longitude: -133.721551

Drive 13 miles on Road #6314 to the trailhead.

Driving Directions