Hallo Bay: Bears Fishing in the Surf

How to get there?

Planes land on the beach here, which is a one-hour flight from Homer, King Salmon or Kodiak. However, weather can be a factor in getting in and out.

The Bears

Brown bears are plentiful, and people are few, at these meadows, beaches and rivers. And the bears here have learned to catch salmon in ocean surf! The salmon, caught in tidal rollers, are tossed around by waves, while the bears dive in the shallows, seizing dinner. Seeing up to 15 bears grazing is normal, and numbers in meadows have been much higher. In the early season they are on the beaches and meadows, and then gravitate to rivers filled with spawning chum, pink and silver salmon.

The Viewing Situation

Visitors usually stay at Hallo Bay Bear Camp, which has nice wall tents with hot running water, meals, internet and electricity. All bear viewing is guided, and done on foot. These guides are truly bear experts: they invented a bear deterring “bear flare” and traveled to London to speak at the World Wildlife Trust. Numbers are limited to 12 per day.


May 15-September 20


Wheel plane


Hallo Bay Bear Camp

Getting There

Latitude: 58.459947
Longitude: -154.081879