Glacier Spit is about a 1.5 to 2 mile long spit located at the mouth of Halibut Cove. Visitors and locals alike use the beach as a camping spot with views of Kachemak Bay. The best camp sites can be found on the backside of the spit, naturally sheltered from the wind. You can camp anywhere along the spit if you wish. If making your own campsite is not your thing, prepared campsites exist just south of Glacier Spit on Right Beach. From Glacier spit, you can access the Grewingk Glacier Trail. Explore the lagoon behind the southern portion of the spit. Rusty's pioneer cabin ruins are located on this lagoon. Look for tide pools at low-tide along the stream that runs from the lagoon to the ocean. In the evenings, black bear sightings are possible back behind the lagoon on the forest's edge. Notice the dead forest on the spit. The trees died when the land subsided in the 1964 Good Friday earthquake. For the more adventurous travelers, the local rock climbing spot known as Kachemak Crack is at the very southern end of the spit. Take a kayak along and explore north to Humpy Creek, south to Halibut Cove and Halibut Cove Lagoon. Keep and eye out for pigeon guillemots, common loons, red-neck grebes, marbled murrelets, murres, common goldeneyes, eiders, and a variety of cormorants. Beware of the possibility of heavy surf in the afternoons if you are landing a boat or kayak on Glacier Spit. End the day with a beach bonfire using wood collected from the beach.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.640276
Longitude: -151.204362
Driving Directions