From Here to There & There to Here, by Rachelle Dowdy

Birds inspired us to fly — across fields, states, and, eventually, continents. We even emulate their migration patterns, heading north in summer, then south in winter. This larger-than-life sculpture of 15 individual Canada Geese celebrates these particular birds that inhabit much of Alaska each summer. The distinct gestures of each goose suggest personality. Line and form are inspired by the aerodynamics of ?ight design. Interior Alaska, my home and the geese’s annual stopover, is represented in the carved heads and necks of the sculpture. The wood is recycled spruce cabin logs that were felled the year I was born. My family’s Missouri farm roots, and another stop over in the Geese migration, are represented in the plow discs that form the feet of the standing goose.

Materials: Spruce wood, concrete, sealers and oil paint, over steel armature

Location: Gate B4

Getting There

Ted Stevens Anchorage Int'l Airport
Gate B4
Anchorage, AK 99502
Driving Directions