Fort Abercrombie State Park



Loved by locals and travelers alike, this 182-acre state park has numerous trails, beaches, and rocky viewpoints. For history buffs, the trails take you past bunkers and relics from WWII outposts in the area. You’ll also find summer naturalist programs where you can learn about ecology as well as ocean and forest creatures.

You’ll find numerous paths to follow, just grab a trail map at the park before you start. The loops open onto great cliff views, mossy forests, and fields of wildflowers. You can wander the beaches and check out the tide pools, or walk the 2.5-mile trail around Lake Gertrude. The meadow trail is filled with wildflowers in the summer.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.836299
Longitude: -152.355162
Driving Directions


Fort Abercrombie State Park