Fish Ship Creek's Mouth

If you like to fish for Silvers and Kings with a bobber and eggs, Ship Creek's mouth is a great option. Though you may have to deal with a little bit more mud along the banks, bring a packable chair, and once you're about 100 meters north of the road, you can claim a grassy area to settle in. The banks are steep here, so the best fishing—especially if you're using a bobber—is during high tide, because your eggs will stay put. Otherwise, use the steps below the bridge to get down to the water when the tide is out, and you can then walk downriver to a suitable spot to drift fish. If you're not familiar with the best methods for fishing in Anchorage's most prolific king salmon fishery, you can read more about FISHING SHIP CREEK (link).

To get here, take Western Dr from N C Street and park in the large lot just beyond the bridge. There is a fee station readily available and a restroom.

Getting There

Latitude: 61.223645
Longitude: -149.894244
Driving Directions