Fish Creek: Road Accessible Bear Viewing

The Bears

What makes this area unique is the chance to see brown and black bears in close proximity (though the black bears usually back off when a big brownie shows up). The bears gather along Fish Creek and Marx Creek, wandering the shallow, clear-water stream looking for spawning pink and chum salmon. The number of bears here isn’t huge (a handful would be great), and they don’t congregate by a falls or show up in a certain section of the creek. Generally, early morning and twilight are the best time to see a bear. Mothers with cubs frequent the area.

Viewing Situation

This bear-viewing area is road-accessible, but it’s also in a remote corner, so the crowds aren’t bad. Once here, you’ll find an elevated walkway beside the creek, which is over ¼-mile long. Peak season is from July 15 to September 9, when the fish are in. It costs $5 for a day pass, and the area is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Want to stay longer? It’s $10 for 3 days, $20 for a week, and $65 for the season.


July 15-September 9


Getting There

Latitude: 55.970364
Longitude: -130.062168

This bear-viewing area is located in a remote, yet road-accessible corner of Southeast Alaska, near Hyder. It lies just 3 miles north of town and can be accessed by a dirt road. In addition to bears, watch for eagles, geese, ducks, mink, beaver, songbirds, and chum salmon.

Driving Directions

Fish Creek: Road Accessible Bear Viewing