Two women stand in front of a waterfall near Ketchikan for a photo

Visit a beautiful waterfall in the lush rainforest.

Lots of companies offer sightseeing tours in Ketchikan, but Emerald Forest Tours runs only private, custom tours to ensure you get the inside scoop on this fascinating Alaskan city. And since the intimate tours are for your group only, you’ll have lots of interaction with your expert guide.

Custom Trips For Your Group

On board an 11-passenger van, you’ll head out on your choice of private tours: 90 minutes (2 stops), 3 hours (4 stops), or 4 hours (the extra time is especially great if you’re a photographer or traveling in a large group). Kids are welcome: Since it’s a private tour, it’s easy to bring children along.

The 3-hour tour is the most popular includes the 4 main stops, but you can customize it according to your interests. Add or subtract stops, or choose to spend more time at a certain location and less time at others. Throughout the tour, your guide will provide advice and insights.

Two toddler boys play in the water at low tide in Ketchikan, Alaska

Since it’s a private tour, these tours are great for children. Customize the stops to their interests and let them explore!

The 4 Main Tour Stops

  • Herring Cove. A chance to see bears, seals, and bald eagles in a gorgeous location that includes a big grassy space and all 5 species of salmon. Groups usually spend about 20–25 minutes here.
  • Waterfalls. Close to Herring Cove is a dramatic waterfall showcasing the power of nature. Walk 10 minutes further and you’ll find a second waterfall. This stop averages 15–30 minutes.
  • Inner Passage. Here you’ll be looking for crabs and sea anemones, as well as purple and orange sea stars, which make an appearance depending on the tide. Even if wildlife is hiding under a high tide, it’s worth visiting for the scenic beauty alone. Groups spend 35–40 minutes here.
  • Bonus Stop: If there’s time—or if you want to make time—a terrific bonus stop is a local fish ladder, where you can see the fish jumping and learn about the 5 species of salmon.

About Emerald Forest Tours

Your guides are the company owners, and they’re hyper-focused on you and your group having the most enjoyable, inspirational trip possible. Since they’re year-round locals, they can give you a real insider’s take on what living here is all about. And with your permission, they’ll even take photos and shoot video along the way so you can focus on fully enjoying the experience. They also offer wintertime tours, as well as tours in Spanish (which you won’t find elsewhere in Ketchikan).

Getting There

Latitude: 55.34048439
Longitude: -131.64672638

Pick-up & drop-off at the cruise ship terminal or your lodging in Ketchikan

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Prices & Dates

Season Year-Round
Rate 3 hours // $750 per group
4 hours // $995 per group

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