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This U.S. Forest Service rental cabin is accessed only by boat or floatplane and lies about 20 miles southwest of Hoonah on Frederick Sound. Located on a sunny patch of beachfront, the 15 by 17-foot cedar log structure sleeps up to eight people and is heated by a wood stove. A beach access trail, outdoor deck and outhouse are handicap accessible. Renters must provide cooking gear, food, bedding and drinking water. An excellent place to spot bears, deer, shorebirds and small animals.


Cooking counter, Food cupboards and shelves, Cooler




Port Frederick, North-Chichagof Island


15 miles SW of Hoonah on the north shore of Eight Fathom Bight at the head of Port Frederick. 65 miles SW of Juneau.


Access is by float plane or boat only. It is a 45-minute boat ride from Hoonah and approx. 30-minute flight from Juneau, AK. Flight time from Hoonah is less than 10-minutes.


Built on a spur road edging out onto tidal, estuary flats at the head of Port Frederick. At south end of the isolated Eight Fathom Forest road system and 1/2 mile from the Eight Fathom Marine Access Facility (MAF) float dock. This road system is not connected to the Hoonah road system and the dock is only accessible by float plane or boat. There is a marine mooring buoy directly in front of the cabin and a fine gravel beach suitable for landing and launching small boats. The buoy is visible from the cabin at all times. Once ashore, the cabin is accessed via a short 125ft barrier-free trail.

Special Features

Port Frederick and Eight Fathom Bight offer excellent opportunities for viewing scenery and wildlife including: whales, brown bear, deer, shore birds, and a variety of small mammals. The cabin has good access to hunting, freshwater fishing, and saltwater fishing areas. Neka Hot Springs tub is located 9 miles from the cabin on the Eight Fathom Forest road #8580. Within 2 miles of the small boat portage between Port Frederick and Tenakee Inlet.

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Managing Agency

Tongass National Forest

What To Bring

#1 heating fuel or kerosene, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cooking stove, lantern, pots, pans, plates, utensils, food, toilet paper, garbage bags, fire extinguisher, fire starter, rubber boots. It's a good idea to bring your own water. DO NOT leave food or cooking utensils behind when vacating this cabin. Pack out what you bring.




Oil Stove - Users provide #1 Heating Oil or Kerosene Only

More Info

The cabin is in a primitive setting with no electricity, plumbing, or phone. There is no cell phone coverage. Hoonah is the nearest full service community and is accessible by scheduled air taxi service, boat, barge, and the Alaska Marine Highway System.

USGS Topo Map

Juneau A-16; Juneau A-5; Sitka D6, AK

Getting There

Latitude: 58.00139
Longitude: -135.77139
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Eight Fathom Cabin

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