Departure, by Kim Brown

"Departure" is an expression of the effect that Alaska has had on my memory. It is a collage of memories, reflections and observations of the time I have lived in Alaska and the respect I have for its grandeur, wildlife and people.

If you were to think about going to a place you have never been, you might pick up a travel book and piece together fragments of images you may expect to find in that place. Your mind would then weave a story of place in anticipation of that adventure. Once you return home and tell this story to a friend, you would be putting together fragmented pieces and places in a non-linear time line, maybe through pictures or maybe though maps, creating an image of where you had been.

On many levels "Departure" tells this story of Alaska. It is grand in scale. It is atmospheric usinig light and color recreating an environmental place in and outside the terminal. It creates places through images triggering anticipated memories and imagination.

"Departure" is an Alaskan myth creating meaning in its scale through distorted images in its memory.

Year: 2003

Material: Plastic, ink, metal

Location: South Terminal, Level 2, C Concourse

Getting There

Ted Stevens Anchorage Int'l Airport
South Terminal, Level 2, C Concourse
Anchorage, AK 99502
Driving Directions