Danger Point

Want to see whales breaching and working in unison to “bubble net feed” on krill and small fry? It’s an amazing sight that can best be viewed from Danger Point, just a short walk from Angoon.

Danger Point provides a strategic view of Chatham Strait, one of the world’s richest waterways. It serves up enough krill and herring to keep humpbacks busy every day in the summer. Watch their unique techniques for feeding on thousands of fish at once when they “bubble net feed.” A group of whales swims in a shrinking circle, blowing bubbles underneath a school of fish. As the fish are forced upward by the bubbles, the whales swim upward in unison with mouths wide open to feed.

Be sure to bring your camera, binoculars and a jacket – it can get windy out here.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.51225
Longitude: -134.604307

From Angoon, Danger Point is a 2.5 miles round-trip. Take Aanya Street (also known as Chatham Street) north, which turns into Cemetery Trail. Danger Point Trail is a rougher game trail leading off Cemetery Trail. It goes through a wooded area leading to Danger Point. Alternatively, you can just walk the beach along Chatham Strait to get there.

Driving Directions