Curry Townsite History (Mile 248.5)

Curry represents the halfway mark on the rail line between Seward and Fairbanks. The Alaska Engineering Commission built a hotel resort in this location in 1923 to accommodate visitors and crew members for their over-night stay because it took 2 days to reach the City of Fairbanks from Seward. The hotel burned down in 1957 and today Curry is a ghost town.

Certain days of the week (Thursday-Sunday in summertime) you can take the Alaska Railroad Hurricane Turn train, and ask for flagstop service to get off and explore. In it’s prime the hotel featured swanky rooms, golf, skiing, a swimming pool, and amazing views of Denali. Today, all that's left are rusty generators, old rail cars, and some interpretive signs that give it the eerie feel of a ghost town.

Getting There

Latitude: 62.615447
Longitude: -150.013139
Driving Directions