Cross Country Skiing At Eagle River High School & Campground

Once snow allows, several looped ski trails get groomed near Eagle River High School and along the slope overlooking the river canyon. A fun option connects trails near the school to a multi-use segment over the snowbound roads inside the Eagle River campground of Chugach State Park. This 6-kilometer system is a fun way to explore the river corridor, with links to extensive multi-use routes in the river valley. It features a respectable 200-foot-plus drop in elevation from school to campground.

The Eagle River community has plans for a much more extensive trail system on both sides of the river on both park land and school property. Check out this map with existing trails and proposed routes.

Getting There

Eagle River Highschool
8701 Yosemite Dr
Eagle River, AK 99577

To reach Eagle River High School, exit the Glenn Highway about Mile 12 onto East Eagle River Loop Road. After about 1,000 feet, turn north (left) onto Yosemite Drive and park at the north end of the high school complex. To reach the campground, take the same exit but turn immediately north onto the frontage Hesterberg Road. The state park entrance is just beyond the entrance to Hiland Mountain Correctional Center.

Driving Directions