Council Rd - Raptor Nest

The rocky outcrop across the Solomon River usually hosts an active golden eagle nest. Look for a huge tower of sticks and splashes of whitewash and orange lichen in the vicinity of
 the nest and surrounding
 perching sites. Built by
 eagles and added onto in
successive years, the nest
 is distinctive for its large
 size, construction, and
 shape. When not occupied 
by eagles, the large nest may be used by gyrfalcons. Smaller nests of rough-legged hawks or common ravens may be elsewhere on the cliff. If you don’t see a nest, check for a pile of sticks on the ground below. The winds or snow loads sometimes cause nests to collapse. When this happens, the eagles often rebuild.

Getting There

Latitude: 64.69807
Longitude: -164.16286
Driving Directions