Cabins are equipped with bunk beds, a table and benches, cook stove, lantern, fire extinguisher, saw, ax, broom, wood stove and outhouse.


West White Mountains National Recreation Area


At the intersection of Colorado Creek Trail and Big Bend Trail


Mixed spruce forest

What To Bring

Renters need to bring fuel for the lanterns and cook stoves. Other recommended items to bring include maps and compass, matches, sleeping bag and pad, extra food items and water, and warm clothing.





Access Alert

The 5.8 mile Colorado Creek Trail is extremely wet and not available for summer use. This is a winter route to the cabin. During summer use, access the cabin by the Compeau Trail located at 29.8 mile Chena Hot Springs Road. Take the Compeau Trail to the dozer line and proceed east numerous miles until you see signage indicating access to the Colorado Cabin, taking the trail south down to the cabin.

Note: This trail is closed each spring during break-up from April 20 through May 22. For more information and trail openings contact the Northern Area office at 451-2698

Getting There

Latitude: 65.494444
Longitude: -147.9
Driving Directions


Colorado Creek Cabin