Coldfoot (mi 175)

Coldfoot (Pop. 12) This settlement was established in 1898 by miners and originally named Slate Creek. The name was changed to Coldfoot in 1900 when a group of new prospectors got "cold feet" at the idea of spending the winter here and headed south. By 1902, Coldfoot was bustling with two roadhouses, two stores, seven saloons, a gambling house and a post office. Like many other boomtowns, Coldfoot was a ghost town by 1912. The town experienced a short revival in the early 1970s during the construction of the Trans Alaska Pipeline. A construction camp was built not far from the original town site. In 1981, Iditarod musher Dick Mackey set up an old school bus and began to sell hamburgers to truck drivers. Today, it's an important stop not to be missed. Make sure you check out the center pole with the engraved names of the truckers who helped build the modern Coldfoot.

Getting There

Latitude: 67.25148
Longitude: -150.177
Driving Directions