Chitistone Landslide

A 1985 landslide created this vast expanse of rubble. You can hike it, though: you just follow the sandy stretches through the rubble, then whack up through the brush where the river meets the hillside. From there, you can get back onto the old river channel.

While the aftermath here may look massive, it's by no stretch the biggest landslide in the area. Not too far from here, just off the west fork of the Nizina, there was a landslide after 2000 that was 10 to 15 larger than this one at Chitistone. In that landslide, a whole face of a mountain slid off, sheared off the end of a glacier, blocked off the Chitistone River and, as a result, caused a flood.



What to Bring

If you're going to be dropped off for hiking, you'll need to be prepared for serious wilderness: emergency food and water, and extra layers such as warm hat, gloves and waterproof rain gear. If you're going to camp, you'll want a sleeping bag good to 20 degrees and a lightweight stove.

Getting There

Latitude: 61.53
Longitude: -142.25
Driving Directions