Angoon’s Cemetery Trail is aptly named. It’s a well-traveled local trail through the cemetery that links up with Danger Point Trail for a short tour of the wooded isthmus just north of the village of Angoon.

Lots of people walk Cemetery Trail, an old game trail that winds through a wooded area with graves and crosses and view of an old church on the hill. Currently this is the only way residents can get to the cemetery, although a road project is on the list of planned village improvements to improve local access.

Cemetery Trail continues on past the graves, with a part of it soaring above the beach, opening to a viewpoint of Chatham Strait.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.502948
Longitude: -134.586915

Follow Aanya (also known as Chatham) Street north to its end where it turns into a trail. The hike is about three quarters of a mile long. Danger Point Trail is fairly easy to spot just off Cemetery Trail. Continue along that route if you want to get to Danger Point.

Driving Directions