Cathedral Falls Trail

The trail down to Cathedral Falls isn’t very long, but promises both a steep descent (and ascent when it’s time to go back!). It’s just a quarter mile long, with a 100-foot elevation change. The falls along Cathedral Falls Creek are lovely, though, and you may spot fish as well as black bear.

Some people like to fight the current and the loud crashing falls to scramble up behind the water. There’s a big pool where you can relax with the sound of the falls surrounding you.

Tips for exploring Cathedral Falls Trail

  • Practice bear awareness. Black bear are attracted to the fish in Cathedral Falls Creek.
  • Take a snack. You’ll want to eat before you head back up!
  • Washed out areas of the trail require extra caution. Some sections have been reinforced with wire bolted into the rocks that you can hold onto. Watch your footing, especially if rain has slickened the path.
  • Take a jacket. It can be chilly near the creek even on sunny days due to the shade and coolness of the water.
  • Watch for a small area thick with berries at the beginning of the trail.

Getting There

Latitude: 56.89916
Longitude: -133.71833

Drive 8 miles on Road #6314. Turn right onto Road #6312, which is somewhat overgrown and narrow. The trailhead is at the end of Road #6312, about 1 mile from the turnoff.

Driving Directions