Caribou Creek Trail: Nabesna Road


3 miles

Elevation Gain

800 ft.



The trail proceeds in a northeast direction towards the hills. The trail has been an ATV route, and as such there are ruts and some muddy areas where you may be required to walk off the trail. Do check with the National Park Service before planning recreational ATV use here, as it is sometimes prohibited due to trail maintenance activities. The Caribou Creek Cabin is nestled between two ridges at the end of a 3-mile hike along the trail.

Expect great views at the beginning of the trail, which traverses the valley bottom with low tundra vegetation. Continuing on, the forest surrounds the trail with spruce, alder, willow and wildflowers. Two miles in, you’ll see the first Caribou Creek crossing. Look directly across the creek to see where the trail continues on the other side.You’ll cross the creek a few more times before you reach the cabin. Crossings aren’t difficult, although the level of the water changes with the season. Use caution, especially if it has been raining. Allow three hours for the 6-mile round-trip and more time to do some exploring.

Location: Trailhead located at Mile 19.5 on the north side of the Nabesna Road.

Parking: Located at mile 18.9 on the north side of the road.

Maps: Trails Illustrated, Nabesna 1:63,360 (C-5)

Highlights: Roadside access, spectacular scenery, solitude, easy trail hiking, cabin (need reservations). There are a wide variety of wildflowers along the trail. Look for blue bells, prickly rose, monkshood and Alaska cottongrass among the wolf, bear, moose and other animal tracks.

Distance: 3 miles

Elevation Gain: 800 feet

Getting There

Latitude: 62.570309
Longitude: -143.476406
Driving Directions