Cape Horn

This high point in the road gives you an excellent view across the valley. Three ditch lines from earlier mining activities are apparent on the far side of the valley, especially where they cross the exposed rock face of Cape Horn. The ditches originate near Hudson Creek about 12 miles upstream. Today these deep, wide gashes on the hillside offer cover and easier movement for wildlife—especially moose and grizzly bears. As Ditch Superintendent for the Pioneer Mining Company, Leonhard Seppala lived in the cabin, which featured a sauna and a dog barn for his team. A commemorative stone plaque, carved by Seppala himself, is on the face of Cape Horn. Golden eagle, gyrfalcon, rough-legged hawk, and common raven alternately nest on or use the Cape Horn rock formation.

Getting There

Latitude: 64.71888
Longitude: -165.27844
Driving Directions