Cape Chiniak Trail



This is a very scenic and easy hike with great birding and flower viewing. During April and early May this is a prime location to view migrating gray whales. You can choose to make a short hike out of it or an all day excursion. Drive past the Road's End restaurant on a narrow, potholed road to a creek going under the road through a large culvert. This is Chinak Creek. Pink salmon run up the creek during summer and it's an awesome sight to watch the masses of fish swim through the culvert. Just after the creek you'll see a dird road on the left. Park and hike along the road that follows the coast through meadows, past gorgeous beaches to a spectacular point that juts out into the sea. There is an old WWII bunker here that is interesting to explore. Go back the same way or continue down to Chinak Lake and explore the long beach. This is great birding territory and if you are dedicated enough to carry your scope, you might be rewarded by seeing some pelagic birds on stormy days. Try to hit this beach at low tide if possible for best results and some beautiful tidepools. Check out all of the rocky outcrops, beaches and offshore waters for birds. Look for bank swallows nesting in the sea cliffs and harbor seals lounging on the rocks.

You can get all the way around the lake on old military roads that cross an seldom used airstrip and eventually lead back to the main road. If you continue on the road you'll eventually get back to your vehicle.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.616804
Longitude: -152.203478
Driving Directions