Cape Cheerful and Chelan Banks

Chelan Banks is an area where the Bering Sea and Unalaska Bay meet. Fish are plentiful in this upwelling - a real buffet for the birds! You could see thousands of shearwaters, albatross, the rare short-tailed albatross and the very rare mottled petrel.

Be sure to dress warmly and be ready for rough water. For many birders this is a small price for adding such rarities to your life list! As an added bonus, you may see Humpback whales, minke whales and orca, who regularly join the feeding frenzy.

If your captain allows for time, you can also get close to the Baby Islands in the same outing, to see the rare whiskered auklet (among other types of auklets), puffins, petrels, and guillemots.

Getting There

Latitude: 54.010953
Longitude: -166.678356

You’ll need to chart a boat, but you can combine a trip to Cape Cheerful with other points of interest in Unalaska Bay and perhaps the Baby Islands.

Driving Directions