Buskin Valley Winter Rec Area



The large parking area opens to trails in the summer and snowmobiling and ski terrain in the winter. The popular trail to Pyramid Mountain starts here; this is the highest mountain close to town. If you tackle this hike, you’re in for a climb, but a large portion of the trail is in the alpine, with beautiful flowers and tundra. You’ll be climbing 2,400 feet in elevation in just two miles.

The steep trail begins at the right from the large gravel parking lot and runs straight up the mountain through brush and grass. Bears use this traill too so heads up! The trail is easy to follow. A broad shoulder of alpine tundra beneath the top provides fantastic views. The last, very streep pitch to the top of the peak is exposed and is only for the most sure-footed hiker. Like Barometer Mountain, this hike is a real heart-pumper. Pick a sunny day for this hike as you don't want to get disoriented in the fog. Watch for upland birds including Willow and Rock Ptarmigan, and American Pipits.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.800288
Longitude: -152.60821
Driving Directions