Bonanza Bridge to Solomon

In the fall, people fish for tomcod from the bridge. Deep diving ducks feed in the channel depths of the Bonanza River. Sandhill crane feed on berries, plant shoots, roots, insects, and even small rodents. Red-throated loon and, less commonly, Pacific loon float the waters. Northern pintail, the most abundant waterfowl on the Seward Peninsula, and second-ranked long-tailed duck are primary species in the area near the bridge. Also, look for good num- bers of shorebirds (red-necked phalarope, red phalarope, western sandpiper, least sandpiper, rock sandpiper, dunlin, and long-bill dowitcher) among the small ponds just north of the bridge.

Getting There

Latitude: 64.54485
Longitude: -164.43673
Driving Directions